Albert F. Dean

Albert F. Dean

Mr. Albert Dean was mathematician, logician, philosopher, author and executive. He worked for the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, in Massachusetts, USA, one of America’s earliest insurers.

His interest and work in the area of scientific analysis and review of problems in fire insurance led to his examination of the basic philosophy of fire insurance rate making. His analyses included determining fire exposure formulae and measuring the relative values of fire hazards. He was the author of a standard and definitive work on fire insurance rating in which he set forth the "Analytic System for the Measurement of Relative Fire Hazard." The method was widely employed throughout the fire insurance industry for more than half a century.

His interests ranged beyond insurance to include the invention of a workable adding machine that embodied the principles of such machines later used. He also authored "Dean’s Interest and Equation Exponents", a standard mathematical book used widely throughout the United States.

A creative thinker and an outstanding fire insurance executive, his vision and analytical mind contributed greatly to the development and growth of modern fire insurance.