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From its beginnings, insurance has served a major role in society - - protecting against risks and operating as a vital stimulus for economic development. The value and impact of insurance has grown considerably since its inception because of its basic premise: the creation of a better life for those who use it.

The impact of insurance is possible through the achievements of insurance leaders – innovators, visionaries and thinkers – whose intellect, perseverance and creativity has enriched the lives of millions and expanded the influence of insurance worldwide. These qualities of leadership are recognized through the IIS Insurance Hall of Fame. The Laureates of the Insurance Hall of Fame serve to inspire students around the world, fostering future insurance leaders and collectively stand as a reminder of the crucial role insurance plays in meeting the security needs of global society.

The Insurance Hall of Fame is awarded by the International Insurance Society (IIS), founded in 1965. Providing a forum for all stakeholders of the insurance community to engage in active collaboration, IIS draws a diverse and inclusive membership representing insurance leaders, international regulatory authorities and insurance scholars from over 90 countries.

Nominees must be adjudged to have a broad, encompassing and lasting contribution that impacts the insurance industry, thereby affecting a substantial influence on the ability of the industry to serve society.

To recognize those leaders who are deemed worthy of induction into the Insurance Hall of Fame but are deceased, the IIS Honors Committee may also choose to elect an individual to receive the award posthumously.

The Insurance Hall of Fame is generously supported by our donors:

Claire and Joseph Smetana
Kyobo Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
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Malayan Group of Insurance
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The Insurance Hall of Fame was created at the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation