Alfred H. Pollard

Alfred H. Pollard

Dr. Alfred Pollard created an academic program of actuarial science for Australia by accepting a professorship in this field at Macquarie University. Through his influence in the insurance industry, he was able to develop corporate support for scholarships and research grants and was able to attract outstanding students. The success of his plan led to similar programs in other Australian universities.

A measure of the quality of the programs initiated by Dr. Pollard was the acceptance by the London Institute of Actuaries of work done at Macquarie as a substitute for it own Associateship examinations. The programs developed by Dr. Pollard achieved international acclaim and became models for similar efforts at universities in London, Edinburgh, Canterbury,Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

His impact on the Australian insurance market was felt in many areas. Recommendations he developed for health insurance reserves remain the standard for the industry. As chief executive of MLC Assurance Company, he brought this life insurance company into the general insurance business, setting a pattern for the rest of the industry. He also introduced share holdings into portfolios of life insurers and introduced training programs for senior executives.

Outside the world of insurance, he was influential in arts, science, business and church activities of his native country. He was responsible for the training of all Australian military officers in newly discovered radar techniques from 1942-1944. From 1944-1946, he was a Flight Lieutenant with the R. A. A. F. working on acoustics as related to aircraft, artillery and heavy equipment. For years, he wrote a highly regarded monthly bulletin on economic and social trends.

The winner of many prizes and medals, Professor Pollard, in 1990, was made an officer of the order of Australia by Her Majesty, The Queen.