Clarence Arthur Kulp

Clarence Arthur Kulp

Dr. Clarence Kulp was a scholar, philosopher, teacher, author, administrator and public servant. He was a man whose works and ideas live on through his influence. As a professor of insurance at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, and as the author of the definitive text in the field of casualty insurance, he stimulated students of insurance to study the underlying principles of the subject. He further encouraged students to consider the relation of insurance to economic, social and political forces in society. He provided inspiration and an intellectual challenge to his students.

An early investigator and proponent of social insurance, Dr. Kulp was a strong guiding force in the Development of the old Age and Survivors’ Insurance system in the United States. His influence was also felt in the area of Workmen’s Compensation.

Dr. Kulp gave of himself to the academic world and to a variety of public interests. He was motivated by a sense of service and a desire to improve the lot of his fellow man.