Georges Tattevin

Georges Tattevin

Mr. George Tattevin is recognized as the major force in the development of progressive insurance thinking in France. His counsel was widely sought and his efforts led to growing reorganization for French insurers internationally.

He was the major architect in the development of the Centre de Documentation et d’Information de l’Assurance (CDIA), an association embracing all lines of insurance in France whose function was to inform the public about all aspects of insurance operations.

His interest in the consumer led him to a deep concern with the means by which insurance is written. He was a leader in the establishment of an organization—Comite d’Action pour la Profuctivita dans l’Assurance. This organization was concerned with the marketing process in insurance and research to increase productivity of agents and insurers.

He was also known widely for his imaginative early approach to the use of electronic data processing equipment in the insurance business.