Hendon Chubb

Hendon Chubb

Mr. Hendon Chubb was a major force in the development of marine insurance as it moved into a position of importance in the world insurance markets. The founder of Chubb Insurance Company, he gave leadership to his firm in the period when it introduced the first burglary, registered mail, and jeweler block policies in the United States.

A strong believer in cooperation among insurers, he gave substantial backing to the development of such institutions as the American Institute of Marine Underwriters and the Board of Underwriters of New York.

He served his government during World War I as a Director of War Risk Insurance, Insurance Advisor to the United States Shipping Board, and Insurance Advisor to the American Red Cross. Throughout his career, his advice was sought by the public and private sectors of society on a wide range of insurance issues.

His interests ranged beyond insurance to embrace medical education, problems associated with disease, and educational opportunities for pre-school and primary school children. He developed the means whereby the academic community was brought into closer contact with the problems of government.