Ikunoshin Kadono

Ikunoshin Kadono

Mr. Ikunoshin Kadono founded Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance Company, the second mutual insurance company to be established in Japan.. He played a vital role in introducing new systems and ideas into the world of insurance in Japan and was an innovator and modernizer of the industry.

Mr. Kadono fostered a sales approach that was a needs-oriented marketing system, and he is credited with being one of the pioneers to bring the Japanese population into investing in insurance. Today, the life insurance held by the Japanese is always proportionately high compared to other countries.

He also saw an equivalent need to develop a property-casualty insurance company and he took the unprecedented step of establishing a non-life company in conjunction with his life company.

His efforts in education started early when he began teaching a wide variety of classes at Keio University, Japan’s oldest university. He covered all the Western disciplines, including business and insurance, politics, ethics, logic and natural science. He completed his career in education as Deputy Chancellor of Keio.

His contribution was as a major influence in bringing an intellectual base to the insurance company and his concept of bringing college students into the industry provided a solid leadership base for the industry.