José María De Delas Y Miralles

José María De Delas Y Miralles

José María De Delas Y Miralles was influential in the evolution and prosperity of the Spanish insurance market. He was named by Spain’s government to develop a framework and proposal for regulating and operating the insurance industry in that country. In 1908, an insurance law was passed that was the result of his proposal to the government.

Spain’s insurance law of 1908 and its regulations provided financial solidity and continuity to Spanish insurance and changes in its provisions were not made until 1985. As a result of his influence, he was appointed a life member of the Junta Consultiva de Seguros, a position held until 1936, and in which he exerted influence over 30 years on Spanish insurance industry.

He was also a businessman, a writer and public servant. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of La Catalan, S. A. de Seguros a Prima Fija, a leading company in Spanish insurance. He was Vice Chairman of Banco Vitalicio and Chairman of the Caja de Prevision Y Socorro and Anonima de Accidentes. Finally he was Honorary Senior Chief of Civil Administration with a rank equivalent to the Secretary of State or Minister.

Throughout his life, he wrote and published books on many insurance subjects. In 1915 he wrote a university textbook on the practice of insurance in Spain as well as other books on reinsurance and its influence on currency exchange.

A public servant as well as a businessman, he accepted many public appointments—for example, President of the Circulo de Aseguradores. He was awarded many significant medals throughout his career, including the Gold Medal for Insurance Merit and the Enmienda de Isabel la Catolica.