M. Albert Linton

M. Albert Linton

Mr. M. Albert Linton was president of Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company, United States, and a leader in developing the concept of life insurance as an investment—a concept that would gain prominence many years later. He was a major contributor to social security theory and an imaginative and resourceful company executive.

He made important contributions in the application of actuarial principles to the determination of the value of agents’ compensation in terms of production and persistency. He also contributed to the presentation of investment aspects of life insurance as part of the pattern of family protection. And he was an able contributor to the representation of the life insurance point of view in the development of social security legislation.

He was the recipient of many honors, academic and professional, and was member of many insurance board as well as community, national and local boards. He long fought a battle against public misconceptions about life insurance, particularly in the area of "buy term and invest the difference." His analyses of life insurance as an investment and property were important to the industry in elevating life insurance as the primary form of family protection.