Walter Arnold Dinsdale

Walter Arnold Dinsdale
United Kingdom

Mr. Walter Dinsdale set in motion a new concept of training for insurance practitioners. He was the first and long time director of Education for the Chartered Insurance Institute and influenced the thrust of insurance education and training throughout the world.

He pioneered the concept of postal tuition for insurance people through his extra-curricular service with the Insurance Institute of London during World War II. When he joined the Chartered Insurance Institute he extended its tuition service from a postal to an oral basis, with classes offered through the British Isles. This effort established the principles on which equivalent programs have been created around the world.

Dr. Dinsdale also developed the College of Insurance of the Institute, educational conferences for insurance practitioners and management training for insurance.

He was a prodigious writer and authored many standard insurance texts. He contributed to the world’s insurance press and was a keen linguist who developed insurance dictionaries in French and Spanish. His legacy was to search inexhaustibly for ways to better train insurance people to serve their profession and society.