William David Winter

William David Winter

Mr. William David Winter, a lawyer, executive, author, educator, and lecturer, was an exponent of multiple-line insurance and an authority and innovator in the field of marine insurance. Through research and collaboration with leaders in the business, he was responsible for having legislation enacted in New York that made multiple-line insurance a reality in the United States. As an author of the definitive text in the field of ocean marine insurance, “Marine Insurance: Its Principles and Practice,” he influenced the development of this business.

As chairman of the American War Risk Exchange in World War II, Winter guided the marine insurance industry. His vision led him to see long before others the importance of writing insurance to value and of applying deductibles to packaged forms.

He worked by day and studied at night to obtain his baccalaureate degree and a degree in law from New York University. Later, he would aid and develop many students who became important contributors to marine insurance.